Gay Festival

The foray of one’s individuality demands freedom and leads to the unconditional freedom of expressing it. Like a free bird, the dynamic mind and its personality is no longer curbed as a social menace, instead it flows with the winds of society. The term LGBT is a brand which no longer raises eye brows. LGBT stands for well known terms such as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. The term ‘Queer’ is also well known where the sexuality is conceived as undefined or could-be-anything. This truth that is the underlying thread of our society is now well known and well accepted, so much, that it is celebrated with pomp and show.

The festivals in view of awareness and the expression of the idea of homosexuality is a constant phenomenon, witnessed across the world. The 1990s and the 21st century have witnessed the rights of two consenting adults over their sexuality, liberated in most of the countries of the world such that, LGBT associations have witnessed legal rights of their own. Gay festivals are focused on centric issues concerning expression of individuality and its liberal expression through a public platform. These festivals are in vogue in the continents of Europe and America, with many uncountable anonymous festivals in Asia. Many cultural events encouraging the idea of opening the society’s mind to the acceptance of the LGBT communities in every sphere and conduct LGBT pride parade. Not only are the gay festivals aimed at better reception of homosexuality but also the idea of a person to accept one’s unique sexuality with pride and happiness is well depicted. More individuals are getting motivated to bring out their real selves into the prejudiced stricken society.

Gay festivals are a witness and the propagator of change. A typical gay festival is intrinsic of flashy parades involving colourful demonstrations and posters, banners with common slogans like “I have the right to choose”, “I have the right to love”. Also are the publishing and display of art in the public where the central issues of LGBT rights are openly displayed. A lot of linguistic publishing is done via magazines, channels and newspapers or even the simple distribution of articles encircling homosexuality. Films and documentaries from all over the world are showcased in a popular fashion.

Some of the Gay Festival is also supported by non LGBT people who lend their whole hearted support towards the sensitive issue of LGBT freedom. One of the most popular gay festival around the world is the GayFest which is held every year with a lot of zeal. Its first relay was in 2004 with the motto of “You have the right to be diverse”. The GayFest 2004 was initially titled “The Diversity Festival” and was mainly based on public expressions for the Gay in Romania. Several publications on LGBT issues, such as George Balan’s Homophobia were launched. This apart various events were also organized. As part of the GayFest, the famous Goethe Institute help a popular photographic exhibition done exclusively y Polish artist Karolina Bregula, titled Sa ne vada (“Let them see us”) that basically gave a fresh lease of life to gays and lesbians across Poland. Known for its queer arts, one of the world’s oldest gay festivals is the Glasgay! Festival held in the United Kingdom which has an array of focused shows involving dance and drama and showcased all across the City Centre, Merchant City and West End areas of Glasgow. This is going to be a mega festival and there is absolutely no doubt in it.

Started in the year 1993, GlasGay! still is one of the most popular gay themed festivals in the world. Media has always maintained their positivity involving such festivals. The benefits from these festivals are well affected through awareness by the social media, which serves itself as an indispensable tool in this revolution. The media has positively relayed these cycle of events and published articles and opinions from noted activists and celebrities, public figures etc. Today, the past, present and the future is in unison of making homosexuality an opinion or choice in individual matter. Compulsion is in no way a hurdle as the standards of unconditional freedom of expressing sexual freedom has ushered an era of courage, acceptance and Hope.

LGBT pride parades and Gay Festival